What is the socialization of education? Nature, function and meaning

1. What is the socialization of education?

The socialization of education means mobilizing the entire society for education, encouraging people from all walks of life to contribute to the construction of national education under state management and building a learning society; it is to realize the common relationship between educational activities and social communities, and make education suitable for society Develop, adapt to society, and maintain the balance between educational activities and society. 

The socialization of education is to make educational activities social. Among them, the content and implementation methods of those who go to education and those who have been educated in all activities, the results achieved are social, and the social standard is very high. Education aims to cultivate learners’ thinking, form political awareness, national personality and courage, and combine scientific knowledge, technology, culture, ethics and lifestyle.

The work of educational socialization is to diversify the types of education. This is a process of exchanging experience, updating the content, methods, forms and educational methods of the program, and adopting a method that suits the theme and conditions of our country. 

In Vietnam, the socialization of education is a necessary and indispensable condition for the development of education and training. It is the correct strategic policy of the party. “The socialization of education is a policy that mobilizes all the resources of the people, social and economic organizations to participate in education and invests in educational activities on a consistent basis. Financial capabilities and expertise build a learning society.”

The document of the Ninth National Congress of the Party stated: “Implement a policy of socialization of education, develop various forms of training, promote capital construction to encourage talent development, and provide educational sponsorship to learning promotion organizations.”

The Tenth National Congress emphasized: “Innovate organizational structure, content, and teaching methods in the direction of “standardization, modernization, and socialization”. Promote the creativity, application ability and practice of learners. Emphasize the responsibilities of families, schools and society . Gradually transform the current education model into an open education model-a learning society model with a lifelong learning system”.

Therefore, the socialization of education is a process in which both the community and society participate in education. Among them, all social organizations, families and citizens have the responsibility to take care of education, coordinate with schools to achieve education goals, and establish a healthy and safe education environment. 

2. The nature and role of educational socialization 

2.1. The nature of education socialization 

Marx’s concept: “Human is the sum of social relations”, and personality is formed through educational activities under the influence of social relations. This is the scientific basis for proving that the socialization of education is an appropriate work to restore the inherent social nature of education. 

Society is seen as an integral part of the school, family and all members of society. In the social structure, education belongs to these components. Therefore, education is no longer just the responsibility of education, but the responsibility of all departments, requiring the participation and burden of the entire society.

Therefore, in order to diversify and mobilize service delivery methods, and attract socio-political organizations, trade unions, enterprises, organizations, individuals… to participate in occupations, the development of education under state management has contributed to the education of children of age. This is the essence of the socialization of education.

2.2. The role of educational socialization

  • The socialization of education helps to improve the quality of education. 
  • Socialize education, mobilize social resources and potential, and overcome difficulties in the process of educational development. 
  • The socialization of education creates fairness, responsibility and democracy in enjoyment. 
  • The socialization of education helps to improve the efficiency of national education management… 

2.3. The significance of implementing education socialization 

The implementation of the socialization of education is to create a “learning society” that contributes to improving people’s knowledge, training human resources, and cultivating talents for the community. Expand the form of continuing education, expand the scope and form of education for all, and strive to implement comprehensive education in virtue, intelligence, body, beauty and labor.

Attach importance to political and ideological education, attach importance to the formation of learners’ creative thinking and practical ability, socialize education, contribute to improving the quality of education and training, and create conditions, material and spiritual for improving the quality of education; making education truly contribute to the local social and economic development Useful, directly serving the interests of everyone; creating conditions for the purpose of education, making it suitable for the goals of each individual participating in education.

Promote the enrichment of educational content and methods; realize social justice and democratization of education through democratization, and expand the participation of social forces in education, so that people realize that education is not only the responsibility of the state, but also the responsibility of the entire commune. go to school.

3. Conditions for implementing the socialization of education 

The socialization of education has fundamentally eliminated all forms of centralization, bureaucracy, and subsidies, and has stimulated creative potential, vitality, and strong internal forces in all classes of the people to promote the development of appropriate education and training, and to satisfy people development of. era. Conditions for implementing educational socialization: 

  • Propaganda of democracy, organization and management 
  • Raise awareness and implementation of the party and the state’s documents and resolutions on the socialization of education 
  • Diversified education and training 
  • Establish and develop learning promotion organizations 
  • Establish and promote activities between society, school and family 
  • Organize parent meetings of students at all levels 


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