Do you want to add lyrics to your Instagram stories? Here’s how


Instagram: has become one of the most popular social platforms as it continues to improve ավելացնել add new features to the app. One of the well-known features of the program is “Stories“Where people share their memories, notes, pictures, videos and nothing else. But there is a feature in the stories that allows you to not only add music from the app, but also add words so you can let your friend know that he / she is singing it all wrong. Today we will discuss how to add song lyrics to your Instagram stories.

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How to add text to Instagram stories

Instagram stories contain a ton of customization, you can add photos, videos, create a small collage (layout), conduct surveys, and much more. But there is also a way to add music to your stories, which is also in words. Here’s how to do it.

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This way you can add music to your Instagram Story with Lyrics և give a soothing tone to your memories. Also, do not forget to remind your friends that he sang it all wrong.

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