Argo AI says its latest LiDAR sensor has a range of 400 meters


Argo AI Over the past few years, it has created some channels in the area of ​​autonomous vehicles with investors Volkswagen և: Ford: works on machines that use its self-driving technology. The company suggests that it has taken significant steps to bring autonomous vehicles to the roads. Argon created a LEADER: a sensor that is said to have a distance of 400 meters, which is it believes it is the longest range of any current LiDAR sensor.

The company claims that the Argo Self-Management System (SDS) can detect hard-to-see objects more accurately and at greater distances. It can detect distant objects that have low reflectivity (less than one percent of light) even at night; they look at the environment with photorealistic insights. Another of Argo’s claims is that SDS can regulate sudden transitions in light levels, such as when a car enters or exits a tunnel, և detect small, moving objects, such as animals.

At any time of the day, SDS is aware of its surroundings, according to Argo, and it can safely operate cars on city streets, in the suburbs, and on highways. The company’s CEO Brian Saleski says the system “takes us to a whole new level of autonomous driving technology, unlocking our ability to deliver both delivery and hail services.”

Argo LiDAR is based on the “Geiger-mode” sensation, which is said to be able to detect a single photon of light. It was mixed with a wavelength of more than 1400 nanometers. The system is based on a single sensor designed for cost-effective: large-scale production.

According to Argo, the sensor tests some Ford Fusion Hybrid sedans և Ford Escape Hybrid SUVs TechCrunch:By the end of the year, Argo plans to fully deploy its approximately 150 Escape Hybrids, all of which will be equipped with sensors.

In the near future, the technology may make its way to Ford և VW commercial vehicles. Ford: plans: to launch robotaxis և self-propelled vehicles next year, though VW will not launch AV commercial operations at least until 2025,

In the future, the range of Argo LiDAR system may be exceeded. Continental և AEye: lawsuit They are working on a sensor up to a kilometer away, but it will probably not be in production until 2024.

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