5 ways to fix non-functioning credit և debit cards for online shopping. Tools for use:


You will not be able to make payments with your debit or credit card on online or e-commerce sites. Well, it is a common problem when users report that the transaction was rejected, or failed payment errors while trying to pay from their bank card. If you encounter such problems, do not worry, we have your answer. Here are five quick ways Fix credit card եբ debit card transactions that are not valid for online shopping,

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Fix credit և debit cards that do not work for online shopping

Debit card transaction rejected

Your credit or debit card may fail to make payments for a number of reasons. Online transactions may not be enabled, international usage may be disabled, or you may have exceeded your daily limits. Whatever the case, here’s how to put one together for use with your credit card or debit card.

1. Enable online transactions (domestic / international)

According to the latest RBI guidelines, debit and credit cards issued by banks are only enabled by default for ATMs and POS terminals for local transactions. Online transactions are disabled if you enable them manually, whether domestically or internationally.

So if you have received a new card or have not yet made an online transaction with your card, it is likely that it has been turned off for online use. This is to protect people from unauthorized online transactions.

You can manually activate online transactions via SMS or customer care, or from your bank հավել mobile app և net banking. The process of activating or deactivating online transactions depends on your bank. However, here is a basic information guide that you can follow when you are done.

Fix credit card և debit card transactions that do not work online

  1. Visit your bank’s net banking portal.
  2. Log in to your account credentials.
  3. Go to: Manage the cards or: Debit card / Credit card Section
  4. Here you go Card control devices,Fix credit card և debit card transactions that do not work online
  5. Enable internal online transaction control.
  6. Similarly, turn on international usage if you want to use it for international transactions.

If you use your card to pay for subscription services that track regular or automatic payments, such as Netflix, Spotify:, or: Prime Video:, you will have to connect international transactions on your card. Otherwise, the deal will not be done. This facility is usually not available on RuPay cards; Try using VISA or MasterCard instead.

2. Have you reached the limits of your deal?

All credit and debit cards have certain restrictions on the maximum amount of daily transactions. If you try to make transactions in excess of this amount, your card will be automatically rejected, և the payment will fail.

So, check the available daily limit of your card և the maximum amount limit in your bank’s net banking service or mobile application.Card transaction failed online

  1. Go to your bank’s net banking portal: log in to your account.
  2. Go to: Manage the cards or: Debit card / Credit card Section
  3. Here, look Card control devices.
  4. Check the maximum limit for online transactions on your card.
  5. You can add it if necessary. In case of debit cards, the maximum limit depends on your account և card version.

3. Check granular card controls

Fix credit card և debit card transactions that do not work online

Most banks offer small card control, allowing you to turn them on or off for a certain type of transaction. For example, ICICI Bank allows you to track transactions individually for Merchant Points, ATM withdrawals, online payments, touch և payment և international use.

Your card may be online for international use but not for online payments or merchants. This can lead to transaction failures when making these types of payments. So, go through your mobile app or pure banking service, go to the Manage card section եք check the status of each transaction: limit.

4. Your bank may be in doubt about the transaction

As a precautionary measure, banks usually reject any transaction that seems suspicious or unrelated to your usual spending or withdrawal habits. This can happen if you try to make a big deal with a debit card for a very long time or for the first time.

The bank will generally call you to confirm the transaction, asking if you actually made the payment or the transaction. You can also call the bank in advance to make sure they do not block or refuse payment.

5. Additional Tips to Fix Credit / Debit Card Online Transaction Failures

  • Check the data of the entered card. Number, shelf life և CVV must be correct.
  • Make sure you use the card type correctly. Using a debit card for international payment at a credit card terminal or with an internal Rupay card will not work.
  • Check if your bank’s servers are experiencing problems or are not serviceable.
  • Have you blocked your card? Check if it is locked or disabled.
  • All cards come with an expiration date, after which the card issuer usually sends you a replacement card with a new expiration date. Check if your card has expired.
  • If you do not have enough funds in your account (for debit cards) or your credit card credit limit, the banks will reject the transaction. They can also charge you in this case.

Packaging – (resolved) credit / debit card that is not valid for online purchases

Here are some quick fixes for debit and credit card transactions that do not work online. I hope you can now find out և solve the problem that causes the transaction failure on your card. Always be careful և follow the necessary steps to protect your card from unauthorized use online. Stay tuned for more articles like this.

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