3 Ways to Find Out if Your Phone և Email Has Been Leaked in a Data Breaker: Usage Devices


Earlier this month, Facebook was hit by a massive data breach that leaked data to more than 533 million users in 106 countries online. This information included phone numbers, Facebook IDs, dates of birth, and more. So, if you are also concerned about this data breach or online breach of data, you should want to check if your data is secure. So here are some ways to find out if your phone number և email. The mail was leaked online as a result of a data leak.

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Find out if your phone number. Email. The mail was leaked

There is no way to get full details of your broken or broken data. However, you can check to see if your email or phone number has been leaked recently or in the past.

1. Am I attracted?

“Have I been attracted to you?” Is one such free site where you can find out if your email ID և phone number was part of the data breach. Follow the steps below to use the site’s free tool.

1. Go tohttps://haveibeenpwned.com/‘on any device or search the site on Google.

2. After a web page like the one above appears, enter your email. Email or phone number in international format և click on it «Pwned» tab next to it.

3. A list of how many times your data has been leaked will be displayed on the web page.

Scroll down and you will find all the web pages through which your data was leaked.

2. Avast Hack Check:

You can also use the Avast’s Hack Check tool to check your email for leaks. Note that this tool does not allow you to check if your phone number has been leaked. Follow these steps to check your mail leak.

1. Visit Avast Hack Check tool page եք enter your email email address in the box provided.

2. Click ‘Check now’ և it will show the results if your data is leaked.

Avast will send you an email with details of the data breach, you can also check in the inbox և resolve the issue.

3. News every day

Another tool to check if your Facebook number is leaked in a Facebook data breach is a website called News every day. Here you can enter your phone number to find out if it was part of a breach. However, this site is for US users only.

According to the site, to protect user privacy, it generates random phone numbers starting with the same five digits as your number համար 99 such fake numbers համար one real number to the server. So you can never know what your real number is.

What can you do to keep your data secure?

If you find that your data is compromised or even secure, it is always a good idea to change your passwords. He! set a strong և unique password which has not been used anywhere else. Also, here are some other tips you can follow to keep some of your online accounts even more secure, such as email, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

1. Always use 2FA (two factor authentication) for your Facebook Instagram:և Other accounts offering this. This will reduce the risk of your account being hacked.

2. Also remove 2FA based on your phone և try to configure 2FA if your account allows it.

3. If you think your phone number has been leaked several times before, consider changing your phone number.

4. Also, refresh yourself with the latest: most popular online scams,

5. You can also protect your data by using more secure messaging program,

So here are some ways to check if your personal information, including your phone number or email. Email ID leaked as a result of data breach. Also, you now know some data to keep your online security safe. So share this article with others և Follow these other tips.

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